Our range shrinkwraps

for aircrafts protection

Discretion in aviation

Transport planes and aircraft in complete safety with our range of shrink-wrapping plastics.

Spare parts, under construction aircraft, move an aircraft to a combat area or observation site: discretion is essential. Thanks to our opaque shrinkwraps, you can keep a few details out of sight during transport. Thanks to our custom orders, our films are custom made and opaque. You can choose a specific film colour and wide sizes to cover as many parts as possible.




The transport of complete aircraft or spare parts, maintenance and manufacturing require the protection of components or the entire aircraft.
Exposed to temperature variations or corrosive environments, paints suffer and must be protected.

Thanks to the technical nature of each film, you can protect your equipment against corrosion, UV rays or humidity and avoid any deterioration. Our shrinkwraps are UV-treated for 12 months.

Furthermore, the bi-oriented strengths of our shrinkwrapping plastics offers ideal shrink quality for optimum protection and durability.