Our ventilation grids let your confined

spaces/equipment breathe

Complete protection

Ideal for long-term storage, Ripack Supplies self-adhesive ventilation grids allow air to circulate beneath the shrinkwrap. Placed on either side of a winterized boat or shrinkwrap-protected equipment every 6,56 foots, the air vents create draughts, preventing odors, humidity and mold. Don’t skimp on ventilation grids: the more you have, the better the air purification is in your confined space.

easy to


Vents allow to ventilate the boat and equipment under their shrinkwrap cover. Essential for long-term storage.

Ripack Supplies vents are self-adhesive and easy to install:

  • Pre-position the grid at its final location to take the cutting size to be made, after cutting the shrinkwrap to the grid size (remember to keep the film under the adhesive parts), remove the protections on the adhesives.
  • Adhesive vents are simply stuck to this place to clean the air in your confined space. Remember to press down the adhesive sides of the grids to ensure that they hold in place over time.
  • Rigid, they can be easily held in one hand for easy positioning.