Protect your bulky

products from corrosion

Shrinkwrap protect your products from corrosion

Corrosion deteriorates your materials by attacking and damaging your goods. It destroys the properties and aesthetics of an item by rusting in most cases.  To prevent this natural phenomenon, it is important to protect your oversized goods. Simply creating a waterproof cocoon will protect your bulky products.

Thanks to the technical characteristics of shrink film, it is also possible to incorporate active agents to further protect your goods from corrosion. Whether shrink-wrapped for a long or short period of time, your bulky goods will not be damaged by corrosion, even if they are exposed to humidity.


VCI protects your

goods from

Most goods are transported by sea or open road. Large volumes are therefore exposed to rain or sea mist, and therefore to corrosion. Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) technology prevents corrosion of metal parts that have to withstand extreme conditions. Securely wrapped in our protective shrink film, your goods are safe and can be transported without risk of damage.

This is a win-win situation for you and your customers:

  • time savings: no need to return goods for non-conformity
  • financial gain: no returns of non-conforming or altered goods, so lower transport and production costs
  • energy savings: fewer exchanges to handle returns, less transport… your days are optimised.