Contain your worksites with ease

and peace of mind

Protect your buildings with our wide-width shrinkwraps

Environmental and regulatory constraints require many worksites to be protected by shrinwrap. Asbestos removal, sandblasting or the demolition of buildings in sensitive areas require this type of “cocoon” structure.

The protective atmosphere created means that work can be carried out in complete safety, and air quality and humidity levels can be controlled. There’s nothing better for drying plaster on a facade or installing a roof in the middle of the rainy season.

The technical shrinkwraps used in this type of activity can meet standards ensuring their flame-retardant properties (M1, B1, B-S1,d0).

Scaffolding, roofs, airlocks – there are no limits to containment. Thanks to our wide-width shrinkwraps, everything can be covered and protected. Shrinkwraps can be sealed together to cover a wider area.


Strength and


The high quality of our shrinkwraps ensures bi-directional shrinkage with high resistance.

Our heavy duty shrinkwrap films are long-lasting, watertight and quick to install. Confined spaces are protected from the elements and external dust. Our shrinkwraps are guaranteed UV resistant for 12 months. The containment of your spaces will also protect against projections, particles and dusts made inside.

A range of accessories can also be used to add doors, access areas or vents to the shrinkwrap. Shrink tapes also play an important role in protecting awkward parts or filling holes in your cocoon.