Simplify your film application and strengthen

your seals with our shrink adhesives

Efficiency of our shrink adhesives

Our range of shrink adhesives enables you to hold your shrinkwrap in place before sealing, and also to secure some fragile shrinkwrap areas. The quality of the adhesive mass and the strength of the backing mean you can work in all conditions.

Shrink tape is a type of adhesive with a polyethylene backing and heat-resistant adhesive mass. However, this type of adhesive does not have the same characteristics as shrinkwrap and cannot withstand as much heat.


of our shrink

Available in 2 widths, 1.97 inches and 3.94 inches, they can help you shrink and reinforce some areas. The 1.97 inches is ideal for holding film in place before sealing, and for securing ventilation grids. The 3.94 inches will be useful for masking any holes in the shrinkwrap after shrinking, reinforcing the shrinkwrap at protruding parts or securing zipped doors. They are also ideal for securing sealing areas, especially when the protected product is exposed to strong winds.

These adhesives are easy to reposition in the first few minutes of use, and difficult to remove after about 15 minutes.

Their adhesive mass works on a clean, dry substrate, so be sure to clean contact areas to increase adhesion.