Easy access to your shrink-wrapped

areas with our zipped doors and openings


Access shrink-wrapped areas, winterized boats, confined spaces, thanks to white zipped doors available in 3 passage heights. They can be installed with upward or downward opening.

Easy to install with adhesive tape (SH type), simply cut the shrink wrap to size once the door is installed for secure access to the inside of your shrink-wrapped space.

Technical specifications :

  • Widths
    29.53” | 75.53 cm
    35.43” | 90 cm
    35.43” | 90 cm
  • Heights
    2.95 ft | 90cm
    3.94 ft | 120 cm
    5.91 ft | 180 cm

Zipped doors are essential for long periods of protected storage. They allow easy access to the confined space as often as necessary, without damaging the shrink film and losing its efficiency.



Ideal for creating your own access, these white zipper strips feature a strong, durable adhesive and a heavy-gauge zipper with a total opening length of 6.56 foots. They can be used to create a passageway in hard-to-reach places, or on shrink film where there isn’t enough space for a small zipped door. They are practical when you only need to use your hands to reach a specific area of your protected space.

By arranging 2 strips parallel to each other, they can be used to create a wide passageway for a machine to enter a confined area, or to create a real full-height door.