Winterizing your boat: a crucial step for longevity

2. Boat 32

Quality shrink films for peace of mind

The high quality of our films ensures bi-directional shrinkage and excellent weld strength, specially adapted to the requirements of boat winter storage. By choosing our products, you benefit from the guarantee of compliance with ISO 9001:2015 standards, as well as Bs1,d0 and M1 certifications, guaranteeing the quality and safety of your winter storage.

Our environmentally-friendly shrink films are made from high-quality LDPE (low-density polyethylene), offering reliable protection while minimising the impact on the environment. Today, we use almost 50% recycled materials on certain industrial shrink films, helping to preserve our planet.

Essential accessories for a complete winter with Ripack Supplies®.

RIPACKSUPPLIES Chariot RS detoure cote
Zipper doors
Zipper access band ZIP210W 200dpi

Thanks to Ripack Supplies®, you have all the tools you need to winterise your boat safely and effectively.