Store and transport your boat with confidence

using our shrink films

Protect your boat against external hazards

During winter storage, when leaving production or during transport, boats are subjected to weather conditions that can affect the hull or the stability of your coatings.

Shrinkwrap film offers protection against climatic aggressions (wind, snow or rain) as well as against UV on the hull and leatherwork, thanks to the UV inhibitors treatment. Our custom-made films can be adapted to any boat size. The opaque colour of our shrinkwraps and the UVI treatment ensure maximum protection. Your boat will be protected for 12 months!


A complete range to

winterize your
boat easily

Heavy duty shrinkwrap films create a protective cocoon around your boat.

The strength of the shrinkwrap also means that accessories such as vents can be added to ensure good ventilation of the boat during winter, and prevent unpleasant odours, damp or mildew from taking hold. It is also possible to create openings with zipper doors or adhesive zipper strips to facilitate access to the boat during the winter season.

The bi-directional quality of the shrinkwrap creates a truly waterproof shelter around your boat, providing protection for up to 1 year.