Use shrink wrap to protect

Oversized industrial goods

Une turbine sous film rétractable

Bulky goods easily protected

Shelter, container or construction module – all industrial goods may need protection for transport or storage.

Shrink-wrap film meets these needs, with film widths of up to 590.55 inches. Ripack® heat guns are extremely handy and robust, and can be fitted with extensions of various lengths, making them ideal for this type of application. This makes it easy to pack oversize industrial goods.

After protection, the films can withstand up to 12 months, enabling long storage on a construction site or discreet transportation.


Well-protected large volumes

with various

The variety and technical specifications of our shrinkwrap films make them highly resistant, enabling you to protect your industrial goods against humidity, UV, corrosion and even scratches.

Shrink-wrapping film over unusual shapes loads also helps to hold goods securely in transit. The bi-orientation of our films ensures horizontal grouping and vertical support of your load. The security of your industrial products, whatever they may be, is assured both during transport and for indoor or outdoor storage.