Everything you need to shrink your films easily

and safely

Powerful and versatile heat gun

Protect your environment and shrink your films with our range of RIPACK 3000 shrink guns and its range of extensions. These allow you to reach different heights without having to climb a stepladder. The extensions coupled with the RIPACK 3000’s swivel nozzle allow you to shrink the top of a boat, for example, without difficulty. You can reach heights of over 3 metres with extensions up to 1.87 metres long.




You’ll be able to protect your goods of all sizes safely and easily. Our cold nozzle technology prevents any risk of burns to people or property. Our Securipack regulator ensures the right pressure in the system and cuts off the gas at the slightest fault. So you can concentrate on your shrinking work.

Chariot 750 en utilisation
R3000 Buse froide

Easy shrinking thanks to a complete,


Our 750 trolley and 935 Multicover hose reel give you a complete workstation. You can move your gas bottle easily thanks to the trolley and keep your RIPACK® tools safely stored. There’s also a bag for storing adhesive rollers, cutters, tensioners, buckles, etc.

Thanks to the wheels, the reel is easy to move and you can keep the film reel at hand.

You’ll find it even easier to do your shrinking work with the help of the arm support. The weight of the gun, coupled with the extensions, will then be distributed over the whole forearm and not just the wrist. Not only will this make shrinking easier, but you’ll also be more productive and more comfortable.

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