Protect bulky objects

or goods from scratches

Protect your large volumes during transport

As we all know, during transport and travel, goods of all kinds are put to a tough time. The risk of rubbing and scratching increases dramatically. It’s important to be able to protect your large goods, your boat or even your aircraft from scratches, and so preserve the quality of your products. Our shrink films, up to 210 micrometer thick, are impact-resistant and protect your large volumes from scratches.


Protect your large

during storage

Think of all those boats wintered on racks, and you’ll understand how important it is to protect your large volumes from possible scratches. Even though they’re in storage, they may be subject to micro-scratching when they’re installed in the rack, or if they need to be moved from one storage location to another. All these situations expose them to the risk of scratches. Thicker shrink wrap is, better is the protection. The bi-orientation of our shrink wrap acts like a second skin on your large goods. They’ll be safe and secure.