Choose the 750 trolley your ally

to work fast and safely

A truly mobile workstation

The 750 trolley is configured for outdoor use with its 2 puncture-proof large-width wheels. Its clever design includes a flexible case for storing adhesives, cutters, gloves and other accessories.

Specially designed to accommodate our RIPACK range of extensions, you’ll have your hands free and a tidy workspace when switching to the version with or without extension.

A hose holder protects your regulator and extends the life of your Ripack shrink gun.

Lightweight and easy to handle, it fits in the back of a pick-up truck, a van or even the trunk of a van.

Safety on

your worksites

Working outdoors is no simple matter, and requires the right equipment. The 750 trolley allows you to group your shrink accessories together, and incorporates essential safety features.

Its 2 “large” wheels make it easy to move the cylinder – an important recommendation of the emergency services.

The hose locking system prevents pulling on the regulator, securing your station and ensuring a long life for your investment.

Slots with elastic loops accommodate and protect the extensions, providing extra support when moving or transporting them.

Finally, a strong strap holds the gas cylinder in place when you’re on the move, preventing it from falling over on uneven ground. You can easily carry a 28,66 Ib gas cylinder.