Keep your shrink film in place with quality

textile strapping


To ensure that the film stays in place during transport or outdoor storage, it is essential to secure the protection with a flexible, robust and non-aggressive textile strap. This will make it easier to apply the film and to shrink it by blocking it before it is heated and shrunk.

It also ensures that the shrink wrap stays in place over time and prevents wind from entering and damaging the shrink film. Good film shrinking requires good strapping beforehand.

Technical specifications :

  • Width
    0.51” | 13 mm
    0.75” | 19 mm
  • Length
    3280.84 ft | 1000 m
    1574,8 ft | 480 m
  • Resistance
    903.89 Ib | 410 kg
    1807.77 Ib | 820 kg


These galvanised steel buckles lock the textile strapping to the tensioner.

They are also available in two widths (0.51 inch and 0.75 inch) to suit the straps used.

Easy to use, these sturdy strapping buckles hold strapping perfectly in place.  The self-locking steel buckles are designed to withstand the high tension of textile strapping.



This strap tensioner is robust and easy to use. Its small size makes it easy to handle in tight spaces. You can easily tense your straps to optimise your strapping and hold your shrink film in place. It adapts to the different widths of our straps.