Protect your large volumes

from bad weather and UV damage

Protect your goods from stormy weather

Whether it’s a large volume (boat, plane) or a building (scaffolding, roof), it’s essential to protect it from wind and rain, which can cause major damage. Our shrink wrap in large widths allows you to wrap a roof waiting to be covered or to protect a wintered boat. The shrink film fits snugly around the shape to be protected, so you can avoid moisture and the damage it can cause. Shrink-wrapped cocoons combined with our accessories such as ventilation grids and zipped openings allow air to circulate freely, preventing odours and mould from taking hold. Well-packaged oversized goods are guaranteed to retain their quality and properties.


Protect your goods

against UV

Just like bad weather, the sun’s rays are harmful to certain goods stored outdoors. Our opaque shrink film are UV-resistant and protect your goods from the sun’s effects. Our films come with a 12-month anti-UV guarantee. This means that boat upholstery, aircraft paintwork, UV-sensitive coatings and seals will not be damaged by UV radiation during storage.

The opacity, different thicknesses, customised dimensions and bi-oriented shrinkage of our shrink wrap give you optimum protection.