Protect your building

sites and goods from dust

Protect your large volumes from dust

Our wide shrink films create a real cocoon around the item being filmed. Dust cannot penetrate and goods retain their appearance even after a long transit or storage period.

If your bulky loads are hermetically sealed, they will remain protected and ready for use once the containment period is over.

Shrink-wrapping your oversized products will prevent traces of dust from becoming embedded in textiles or leather goods, keep them free from unpleasant musty smells, and prevent a grain of sand from getting stuck in the gears.


Protect the environment

from released

Asbestos removal and sandblasting on construction sites cause inconvenience to the surrounding area. To prevent the dust created from spreading, it is important to protect your worksite and create a protective atmosphere using our shrink films. As well as preventing dust projections, confining your worksites allows you to control the level of humidity and the quality of the ambient air, so you can work in complete safety.

The technical films used in certain activities meet M1 or B1 (non-flammable) standards. You’re making your site and the surrounding area safer.