As part of our ongoing commitment to respecting the environment and people, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our products. Lately, we’ve been working, among other things, to reduce polluting treatments.

The first parts concerned are our SECURIPACK regulators (all references) and our gas tap (248113) for our Ripack® shrink gun.

We are putting an end to a chemical treatment called “nickel plating” on these parts. Chemical nickel plating is a chemical or autocatalytic process. This purely “aesthetic” treatment for these parts requires numerous baths and numerous manipulations by operators to give our parts a “grey” colour.

Our regulator and gas tap will now have the natural colour of brass (golden yellow).

Of course, this in no way detracts from the quality of their operation or the safety they provide.


There may be a transitional period for some regulator references, and the untreated parts will appear very soon.

Thank you for your understanding and for passing on this information to your staff and/or end customers.