We realised that when wintering a boat, confining a building or packing a large-format industrial product, it’s rare to have a place to put your tools and keep them within easy reach. That’s why we decided to create this trolley for the Ripack Supplies® brand, an ally in your shrink-wrapping work.

With ergonomics and comfort in mind, everything has been designed to make your job easier.

With its large puncture-proof all-terrain wheels, it will follow you everywhere: on tarmac as well as soft ground. You’ll have your shrink gun at the ready, as well as the extensions you need to shrink film at height, your gas bottle, and all the accessories you need to shrink film (buckles, tensioner, adhesive, cutter, gloves, etc.), which will be stored in the bag or hung from one of the many hooks available on the trolley.

Dedicated places for extensions are provided and adapted so as not to damage them. The cylinder is stable and secure thanks to its platform and strap. A hose support prevents the hose from dragging on the ground, which in turn prevents the risk of falling or damaging the equipment.

In addition, the guide pole and hose stop protect the hose and the entire valve system by immobilising the hose and preventing you from pulling on the regulator.

The retraction gun can be stored either on its own, hanging from a hook, or with an extension on the support provided.

Finally, a magnetic plate lets you display your order form or notes so you can keep them in view.

Once you’ve finished shrinking, all the equipment is stored on the trolley, which is easy to move in pull mode.

Coupled with the film dispenser Multicover 935, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips and a fully mobile workstation.